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How the process works


Two-minute integration

Drop our SDK into your iOS app


Indicate your needs

We tailor our data analysis for your particular app


Receive a report in 5 days

We’ll identify user experience issues and provide recommendations

Satisfaction guaranteed

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The benefits of using Watchsend

Representative data

We use the behavior of your actual users in context as evidence for our observations, not someone paid to swipe through your app for just a few minutes.

 Know where users struggle

We notify you of key patterns where users drop off before completing important actions, users that frequently perform workarounds, and inactive screens and buttons. 

Actionable recommendations

Improve your app's user experience with our specific observations and recommendations, instead of confusing charts and graphs. We use machine learning and intensive data analysis to show you what you care about.

 Valuable 1-on-1 help

We can talk you through the quick integration process in person, over the phone or email. When you've received a report, contact us with any questions or concerns. We're always here to help.

Watchsend is built by a team of engineers in
San Francisco, California.

Our team members have a diverse set of academic and industry experiences from MIT, UPenn, CMU's Center for Neural Basis of Cognition, University of Michigan, DuckDuckGo, Chegg, Ribbon and We've organized large college hackathons including MHacks, PennApps, HackMIT and our founders received an Apple Design Award.

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Your app's users are struggling

We’ll identify poor user experiences and give you recommendations to fix them.